Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Easy Summer Hairstyle

So yesterday I wanted a hairstyle that was a curly/braided combination since summer is so close. This hairstyle is so simple! I first sprayed my hair with Tresemme heat protectant, then I curled my hair with a flat iron. (I have a few YT tutorials doing this, if you're curious how I curl my hair with a flat iron). Then I took two small sections from the front of my hair (one from each side of my side part) and I did a regular braid on each of them. Then I teased the hair at the crown, pulled the braids back, twisted them together, and pinned them in the middle of my head. I used two bobby pins to secure it to the back, then I sprayed all over with my Herbal Essence Body Envy Volumizing Hairspray (LOVE that stuff!). And that's all I did! It took about 15 minutes, but that's only because of the curling. If you wanted to do this on straight or scrunched hair, it would take less than 5 minutes. Hope you like this hairstyle and try it out! :) See you soon!

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